Module Objective:

The objective of this module is to acquaint the student with the physical properties and applications of semiconductors.

Key Concepts:

*Physical properties of solid state electronic materials

*Electrical and optical properties of electronic materials and their relation to structure and composition

*The effect of temperature on the electrical properties of electronic materials

*p-n junctions and their application in electronic devices

*Fabrication of modern microelectronic devices


Some familiarity with the following concepts would be helpful in the understanding of the information in this module.

*Atomic theory

*Periodic table

*Valence structure and bonding in atoms

*Basic electricity

Placement in the Curriculum:

Parts of this module could be appropriately included in physical science, chemistry, physics, or tech-prep curricula.

The information in the Scientific Principles section may be reproduced in its entirety or in part and distributed to students. Some teachers may prefer to give students only the Summary.

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