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Polymer Quiz

1 & 2. Many polymers occur in nature. Name any two naturally occurring polymers.

_____________ and _____________

3 & 4. What will happen when we begin heating each of the polymers below?

a) A thermosetting (polymer).

b) A thermoplastic (polymer).

5 & 6. Name any two properties that you may look for in describing a polymer.

_______________________ and _____________________

7. Describe what is meant by the term "polymer".

8. Look at the molecule below and make it a radical.

9. Below is ethylene, the basic monomer of a common polymer. Write its "Electron Dot" (Lewis) Structure.

10. Below is the monomer, "propylene". Show three monomers, united together to form the polymer polypropylene.

11. "Initiators" begin and may end a polymer chain. As the number of initiators increase in a polymerization, the length of a straight chain will _________ (increase/decrease).

12. "Cross-linkers" are atoms or groups of atoms that will bind chains of polymers together. Name a property of a polymer that will be altered as a result of altering the number of cross-linkers. ____________________

13. As the number of cross-linkers used with any polymer increases, describe how the property from #12 above will be altered.

14. What is meant by the elasticity of a polymer.

15. A rubber band is used around a newspaper. What would be the effect of using this rubber band in the snow in the winter?

16. List two properties you may look for to make either a fishing line or a head band (circle the one to which you are responding ).

a. _________________ and b. ____________

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