Future Trends

Just as nature has used biological polymers as the material of choice, mankind will chose polymeric materials as the choice material. Humans have progressed from the Stone Age, through the Bronze, Iron, and Steel Ages into its current age, the Age of Polymers. An age in which synthetic polymers are and will be the material of choice.

Polymeric materials have a vast potential for exciting new applications in the foreseeable future. Polymer uses are being developed in such diverse areas as: conduction and storage of electricity, heat and light, molecular based information storage and processing, molecular composites, unique separation membranes, revolutionary new forms of food processing and packaging, health, housing, and transportation. Indeed, polymers will play an increasingly important role in all aspects of your life.

The large number of current and future applications of polymeric materials has created a great national need for persons specifically trained to carry out research and development in polymer science and engineering. A person choosing a career in this field can expect to achieve both financial reward and personal fulfillment.

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