Module Objective:

Students will learn about cement hydration, material properties, and making concrete.

Key Concepts:


It is assumed that students will have studied the following concepts prior to beginning this module:

Placement of Module in Current Curriculum:

The material covered in the concrete module may be adapted for use in classes of general science, chemistry, and physics. The basic concepts which may be taught or enhanced by using this module include:

The materials and activities in this module are intended to introduce the student to the topic of concrete. Further lecture, audiovisual, reading, speakers, field trips, worksheets, and evaluation instruments could be used to support and expand upon the materials provided. An excellent activity would involve a field trip to a local ready-mix concrete plant or a cement manufacturing plant. This would give students the opportunity to not only see how concrete is produced but also the many applications of concrete. There is a list of professional concrete organizations in the Resources section which can provide you with further information.

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