Experiment 4 (Demonstration) Electrical Resistance

How many teachers does it take to break a light bulb?

Electrical Resistance in a Glass Bulb

Materials and Supplies:

six volt flashlight bulb

ceramic base for light


2 alligator clips with wires

gas burner


1. Screw the 6 volt light bulb into a miniature ceramic light socket.

2. Break away the glass surrounding the filament.

3. Cut the filament that connects the two electrodes in the bulb.

4. Carefully remove the filament and do not damage the small glass bead that connects both electrodes just below the filament.

5. Hook the ohmmeter to the contacts on the base of the ceramic light socket.

6. Gently heat the glass bead while recording the resistance.

7. Record the resistance and time at 10 second intervals (if possible).

Video Clip

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